About us

Private limited company UAB „Geosintetika“was established in 1994. The main field of the company’s business is promotion and use of geosynthetic materials in construction process. The company was the first in Lithuania to introduce the geomembrane technology widely used in Europe in a variety of applications, including construction of various industrial facilities.   Geomembranes are special, high density polythene (HDPE) sheets protecting soil against potential pollution and used in construction of municipal and industrial waste landfills, reservoirs, oil storage sites, gas stations, railways, foundations or other structures. Since the of its operations UAB „Geosintetika“ has already installed over 1'000'000,00 m² of insulating geomembranes in Lithuania and foreign countries. This method of hydro-insulation was successfully applied in major industrial objects both in the domestic market and abroad.
Being open to innovations, well-known for its long-time experience and knowledge, „Geosintetika“ is a leading company in Lithuania in the geosyntetics. Moreover, while developing and extending its business, the company engaged into another specialisation – construction of log dwelling houses made of Finnish timber. Quality and professional performance of works – these are our key priorities and underlying motives for choosing the Finnish company „Kontio“ (www.kontio.com) as our partner for construction of log houses. „Kontio“ in cooperation with the corporation „PRT-Forest“ have already been trend makers in manufacturing of log houses for more than 30 years satisfying all customers’ requirements related with construction of Finnish log houses.
UAB „Geosintetika“ builds log dwelling houses made of high-quality Finnish timber that break the entrenched stereotypes about features, construction traditions and appearance of such houses. Construction process of modern log houses based on the state-of-the-art technologies, knowledge and quality allows for implementation of even the most daring architectural solutions. Elegant, prestigious, luxury and environmental friendly log dwelling houses satisfy the needs of demanding and choosy customer. Specialists of the company are able to implement all wishes and design ideas. In Lithuania and abroad UAB „Geosintetika“ is introducing new traditions of log houses construction which shall be appreciated by future generations.