Geomembrane is made from high density polythene (HDPE). Millions of square metres of this material are widely used all over the world. Due to the big width of geomembrane (to 10 m) it is possible to reduce building works expenses, and few seams give better guarantees. Material thickness is from 0.75 to 3.5 ml. Geomembranes can be: smooth, one-side-textured, two-sides-textured.Besides the delivery and installation of standart HDPE-liners it is possible to process other types of liners for example,very flexible liners ( for non chemical application),one or two sided textured liners (for use on slopes),profiled liners (for concrete protection) and composite liners (for use in conjunction with bentonite).


Geomembrane is resistant to the high force of the extension and puncture, UV, chemical products, as oil, saline, acid and hydrocarbon. Due to the ecological features of the material you can use it for insulation of headwaters.


  • for waste landfills;
  • oil-terminals;
  • storage for chemical oil;
  • gasoline stations;
  • for headwater tanks;
  • for vertical barriers in polluted areas;
Oil-terminals Storage for chemical oil Gasoline stations
For headwater tanks For vertical barriers in polluted areas


Performing geomembrane laying works, it is very important quality of welding works. In our enterprise these works are performed by qualified, experienced professionals.

  • double - wedge welding;
  • single - extruder welding.

All seams are tested: double by the compressed air, single in electro-contact way.


Working with geomembranes the quality control is very important.Each vehicle in the factory after loading are photographed, and each geomembrane roll have our quality guarantee certificate, where roll's number and date of production are indicated.

After the works are accomplished,we give following documentations to our customer :

  • act of amount of installed geomembrane;
  • quality asurance for each geomembrane roll;
  • plan-drawings of installed geomembrane;
  • certificates for welders.


The producer of geosynthetical materials “GSE”: