Log houses

Successfully working in construction business since 1994 private limited company “Geosintetika” is also engaged into construction of log houses. We build log houses from Finnish timber; although upon customer’s request, small buildings can be constructed from Lithuanian logs as well.


It's a common opinion in Lithuania that logs only suit for construction of rest-houses or bathhouses. However, the world practice shows otherwise  - log dwelling-houses and public buildings that correspond to all esthetical and technical requirements imposed to modern buildings are very popular.

Wood is open to diffusion from both sides, therefore the vapour isolation is not needed. There is constant air circulation in the room - ventilation that ensures healthy atmosphere full of oxygen and natural air humidity.

However, not all structures of wooden houses comply to the required high standards. The quality of wooden house depends on the quality of timber, production technology and structures of the building. Healthy and pleasant climate of the premises is created only by using the highest quality timber, at the maximal possible extent avoiding construction and finishing materials made technically or chemically. High quality -  is exactly what we with the professional assistance of Finnish experts can offer you in our log houses.


We are authorized representatives of KONTIO Company in Lithuania, Latvia and Kaliningrad district.

The Finnish company was chosen for a substantial reason - extreme weather conditions stipulate slow growth of pine, what, in turn, results in  especially narrow wood rings and close-grained structure  - providing higher flexibility and mechanical resistance to the timber. These features are especially important in construction of a log house. Most customers of this company are attracted by European quality log structures. Finnish company is one of the leading companies in production of log houses. Already more than 30 years KONTIO, together with the PRT-Forest concern, dictates trends in production of log houses and satisfies all requests of the customers concerning building structures of Finnish log houses. Finnish production unit processes 140 000 m3 of  raw material,  produces more than 70 000 m3 of finished products or more than 2 800 highest quality KONTIO log houses annually. The company has representative offices in 26 places.

The construction of modern log houses is not  “reinventing the wheel” but extension of old traditions based on new technologies, solutions and conception. All these factors together with professional assistance of Finnish experts ensure the reliability and long service life of log buildings.

The main aim of “Geosintetika” in construction of log houses is the striving for quality not quantity.




Manufacturer of Finnish log
houses structures


By clicking on the following references you can download the catalogs of log houses of our partners “Kontio”:

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