Project management

One of the main fields of “Geosintetika” Ltd.  activity - management of construction projects.

Every builder (customer) has the right to choose a method for organization of construction works:  to engage contractors, to perform the works by his own resources, to combine both of the above methods, to employ construction management team or to use any other methods permitted by the laws and other legal acts.

The most popular method for organization of construction works is contracting - i.e. construction works are performed by a contractor or contractors selected by the builder (customer); by concluding a contract for contracting works, such a contractor undertakes all or the major part of the responsibility for organization of construction works and related risks.

Building project management is a method for organization of construction when the construction and other related works are organized by a construction manager. The project management includes out-site works at preliminary stage of construction, preparation of the site, organisation of the material and machinery supply, selection of the contracting companies, organization of works at construction site and eventually  - commissioning of the object.

One of the most important objectives of the company acting as the general contractor is performance of the customer functions not only in the course of construction works but also in other stages of the project - from the idea to the end of the guarantee period for construction works.

Success of the general contractor depends on his ability to organize a well-functioning team of representatives from different companies and to coordinate its work effectively.

Successful long-term cooperation with well known organizations of good standing ensures high quality of all elements of the building and possibilities to perform all necessary works precisely on schedule.

You have the idea for construction project - we shall implement it promptly, ensuring high quality and at reasonable price!

Types of buildings where we perform function of the general contractor:

  • Industrial buildings;
  • Commercial buildings;
  • Residential buildings;

Types of construction where we perform function of the general contractor:

  • Construction of a new building;
  • Reconstruction of a building;